Services Overview

Carpet Cleaning
Other companies use harsh, cheap, and even dangerous cleaning agents. Where we differ is we extract all the dirt, grime & debris of 100% of your carpet yarns. Our High Powered, Truck-Mounted Steam Extraction process kills and extracts most germs, bacteria, and dust mites from your carpet fibers. Ninety eight percent of the carpet mills recommend Hot Water Extraction (steam) as the preferred cleaning method, not toxic chemical that are not safe for your pets much less your children.
Upholstery Cleaning
Our goal is to remove normal soiling without changing the color, texture or finish of a fabric. Depending on the type of fabric, different methods of cleaning will be used by Carpet Wizard. Dry solvent cleaning is thought of as the safest method. The upholstery shampoo method is quick & effective and dries quickly. Dry foam cleaning is similar to the shampoo method but it uses less moisture so it dries even faster. Hot water extraction cleaning is the most effective way to remove heavy soils, provided the fabric is compatible with this method. This is also the preferred method for restorative cleaning and for sanitized cleaning.
Tile & Grout Cleaning
No one is anxious to relive the terrible memories scrubbing each tile and grout line for hours with a small brush and of using those irritating, harsh, and unsafe chemicals. Carpet Wizard's Tile and Grout Cleaning can make short work of this task, using only earth-safe products that won't harm your family or your pets.
Water and Smoke Damage
If your house is flooded or water strikes your home or business we can help. Our strong vacuums can do a water extraction from broken pipes, water heaters or from flooding. We then dry the area with high speed air dryers and clean your carpet to have it like new once again. We finish our service by applying special anti-mold green products to guard against any destructive mold from taking hold. Our technicians are IICRC trained and certified.